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X-Skills B.V.

The Beam

The Beam

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Included per Beam in the box

  • 1 Beam
  • 1 mount
  • 1 charging cable USB-C to USB-A
  • (mounting) tape
  • (mounting) screws (4x 10mm m3)
  • Documentation

The X-Skills Beam is a user-friendly interactive light system that easily attaches to various rebounders. When a ball hit the rebounder, the system responds by turning on/off or changing colors, while simultaneously measuring the time. This innovative technology enables players to effectively train and track essential hockey-and football skills, requiring constant adaptation and response to the changing environment. Using a mobile app, it provides access to pre-programmed exercises, designed to enhance essential skills like technique, information processing, adaptability, and more. With personalized training sessions and progress tracking, the X-Skills Beam helps you improve your performance over time.

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